How We Do It

Agility can mean many different things—swiftness, dexterity, cleverness. In our case, it means all of these things. As an independent finance company, we aren’t shackled by the regulations that traditional financial institutions must deal with as a result of the financial crisis. We’re free to be speedier in our deals, free to be more nimble in our agreements, free to be more creative in our approach.

Expertise isn’t something that can be learned in a classroom. It must come from decades of working in the field, living through dozens of business cycles and reaching thousands of agreements, each one different from the rest. Expertise is the difference between us and just some average start-up.

Growth can only happen with win-win scenarios. Growth happens as a result of repeat business, when both sides gain and trust is developed. That’s why we work so hard to make sure our customers get a finance agreement that provides them with the equipment they need at a cost that will preserve their capital, allow them to manage cash flow and keep their focus on growing their business. If they win, they will come back. Then we both grow.

Agility. Expertise. Growth.