Cincinnati, OH - Verdant Commercial Capital announced today that the company has surpassed its first $1 billion in equipment financing originations. This milestone means that Verdant has helped its equipment vendor business partners finance more than $1 billion in equipment for their customers.

In July 2017, founders Mike Rooney, Chris Kelley and John Merritt started Verdant Commercial Capital. Four years later, the company has grown to more than 60 employees with offices around the country. In 2020, Verdant was the sixth largest independent equipment finance company in the US, and 67th in the Monitor 100 for new business volume.*

“Hitting $1 billion in financing in such a short time is a huge achievement for Verdant,” said Mike Rooney, CEO of Verdant Commercial Capital. “We literally started the company with a blank sheet of paper and a vision, and here we are four years later at $1 billion.”

When the founders launched Verdant, they each had years of experience as both entrepreneurs and banking executives. They knew that a big key to success was bringing in the right people. Verdant’s rapid growth has been fueled by the quality of the team members, and because Verdant gives its employees the resources they need, as well as the room and encouragement to grow, innovate and achieve.

“We were able to accomplish this $1 billion milestone so quickly by bringing in the best people, staying true to our mission of helping our customers sell more equipment through financing and conducting business the right way. I am so proud of what they have achieved,” said Rooney.