What We Do

Verdant Commercial Capital is a national, commercial equipment finance company, backed by a private investment firm and a Top 5 National Lender, that focuses on providing the financing solutions necessary for the acquisition of critical equipment in five main industries:


Despite its name, “The Cloud” is actually corporeal and sits inside a building somewhere. Its thousands of interconnected servers—along with computers, networking and telecom equipment—are part of the critical technology infrastructure that keeps businesses operating. Our financing options not only combat the initial investment costs for these essential technologies, but also fight the growing challenge of obsolescence and the rising costs of replacement.

Office Products

Every office has its share of necessary products—printers, copiers, multi-functional devices, software—that are required for the day-to-day operations of a business. These are generally not where companies want to spend their money. Our financing strategies and solutions help keep these costs low—and keep offices running.

Energy Efficiency

Efficient or renewable energy sources are the power of the future. Together, they make up one of the fastest growing sectors in the national economy, but for businesses these purchases are complicated by unique documentation and accounting matters, various tax credits, rebates and other issues. We understand these challenges, eliminate the complications and make it easy for you to save the planet—and money. We give you that power.

Specialty Vehicles

Not every vehicle that rolls off the assembly line in Detroit is suitable for every need. Warehouses need forklifts. Funeral homes need hearses. Golf courses need carts. The speciality vehicle market is growing as transportation needs become more and more specific, and our expertise in this unique vehicle market puts us in the driver’s seat.


The industrial market remains one of the largest markets in need of equipment, as machine tools and production lines become more and more automated, and manufacturing becomes more and more complex. Our ability to find innovative solutions to the financing of these business-critical pieces of equipment not only helps businesses, but that ability is key to how we are assembling our own growth plan.

What’s Next?

The world is evolving, and new solutions to business challenges are being developed every day. Our intent is to be a leader at the forefront of developing and enabling those solutions in the marketplace in multiple industries.

Agility. Expertise. Growth.